The Parental Peace Accord
"It's about the children..."
The Parental Peace Accord describes a unique process that allows divorced and divorcing parents the opportunity to shift their focus from their own emotional turmoil to the needs and best interests of their children.  In doing this, parents learn that while they may no longer be husband and wife, they can and will be "parenting partners."  This process, when implemented properly, often creates a powerful by-product that allows the parents to experience an amicable dissolution and create a positive environment for their children.

Bailey's direct in-your-face approach, tempered with insightful humor, makes it difficult to put this book down.  If you are a divorced or divorcing parent, this book is a must-read.  The perspective you gain from Bailey's experiences as a lawyer, divorced parent, and orphan, will be one of the most valuable gifts you can give your children as they adapt to the dissolution of their parents' marriage.

For attorneys, judges, and counselors, The Parental Accord is a great tool to help your divorcing clients achieve a perspective that will create a positive environment for their children.