The Parental Peace Accord
"It's about the children..."
Jack Bailey was born in Zurich, Switzerland.  He has never met his birth parents and prior to his first birthday a U.S. soldier made arrangements for him to be brought to the United States.  A few years later he was a ward of the California Department of Social Services.  At the age of ten he was on an airplane destined for Indianapolis to live with people he didn't know in a place he had never been.  He carried all of his belongings in a single brown paper grocery sack.  When he was twelve years old he was naturalized as a U.S. citizen and his name was officially changed to Jack Bailey.

He received a bachelor's degree in Communications from Indiana University.  He also received his law degree from Indiana University School of Law and was sworn in as a member of the Indiana State Bar in 1984.  The majority of his practice has been in the areas of family law, business law, and litigation.  At the time The Parental Peace Accord was written he was President of the Johnson County Bar Association in Indiana.  He is also certified as a Civil and Family Law Mediator.

As a highly regarded speaker, counselor, businessman, and mediator, he is known for his no-nonsense approach seasoned with humorous observations of life around us.

His wisdom, sense of humor, sincerity and passion have endeared him to clients and audiences around the world.  His joy in life is his two sons who are both graduates of his alma mater, Indiana University.  He may be contacted by email at
Jack L. Bailey, J.D.