The Parental Peace Accord
"It's about the children..."
The Parental Peace Accord has found approvals and endorsements from all walks of life.  It is gratifying to know that parents, attorneys, social workers and judges have found value in the The Parental Peace Accord and its attempt to benefit the children of divorced and divorcing parents.  Thank you for your comments! 
"I spent the afternoon reading the first half of your book by the pool.  It's amazing, and should be required reading for anyone with kids going through a divorce." -M.U., Divorced Mother

"I read your book over the weekend and I am asking each of my Families in Transition facilitators to read the book."  -Dr. J.S., Clinical Supervisor

"I liked it a lot.  It was like getting months of advice from a wise advisor who has walked the walk.  Great practical advice.  I am going to buy some copies.  I will recommend the book to friends and clients." -Dennis J. Tobin, Attorney, Toronto
"I don't know how much divorce work you are currently doing, or will do in the future, but I read a book over the weekend that was so good, I wanted to pass the name along.  The book is called The Parental Peace Accord..."
-Debra Miller, Attorney, Indianapolis